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Everpure Claris X Large Filter

Everpure Claris X Large Filter

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Adjustable, ion-selective filter allows you to tailor carbonate hardness levels to match your desired water recipe.

In addition to coffee/tea/espresso brewing, the Claris L System is also an excellent scale prevention option for steam applications such as low volume, boilerless steam ovens.

DUOBLEND™ technology allows for the precise adjustment of carbonate hardness.

Features a unique 5-stage filtration process:

Prefiltration removes coarse particles

Carbonate hardness adjustment through an ion exchange process

Fine filtration

Highly efficient carbon block removes harmful contaminants and unpleasant tastes and odors

Solid membrane filter removes particles down to 5 μm for the highest levels of equipment protection


• Chlorine reduction
• Ion exchange
• Particulate reduction
• Prefiltration
• Scale control
• Water conditioning/softening
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